How to Choose the Best Canvas Print Company

With the popularity of canvas prints as decor, you can find a canvas print company anywhere these days!

But how do you know which canvas print company is a good one?

Here is a list of factors that you should consider when it comes to picking out a canvas print company:

Does the canvas print company do custom sizing?

Canvas prints come in different sizes and shapes, and as a customer, you must have a say on what size you want.

Although the generic sizes are okay, you might want a custom size like a large canvas print for the hallway in your office or smaller than the usual sizes to make an interesting collage of images in your living room.

How will the canvas be stretched?

There are different ways to stretch a canvas, and this affects the quality of your canvas print. There are two major options: stretched by hand or by machine.

The better option is hand-stretched canvas since this is done with care, ensuring that there will be no overstretching that can cause rips on the ink. Hand-stretched canvas prints mean that the image is centered and not cut off.

Stretching by machine is cheaper and faster, but it has the tendency to overstretch, and of course, it is unadjustable. If the printer is not careful, some parts of the image can be cut off or positioned correctly.

What type of hanging hardware is provided?

You should ask if the company will provide hanging hardware. Some do, while some do not.

If they do, always ask what type of hanging hardware they provide. It may not be sturdy enough, and this will cause your canvas print to fall from time to time – this could damage your canvas print!

Is there a money-back guarantee or a warranty?

You might think canvas prints do not need this, but accidents and mishaps can happen to your canvas print. A reputable canvas print company will offer a warranty or money-back guarantee for their products.

If you find bubbles or cracks in ink, find a smudge, or receive an off-center one, you should be able to return it and get your money back or have it replaced.

Does the canvas print company have good reviews?

Go online and see if they have a website. Look for customer reviews or testimonials. Check out other sites that may have mentioned the company too.

If you notice many negative reviews, you should be wary of that company and look for another option. If you find nothing but positive reviews, be realistic and try to filter them out if they sound too good to be true.

Last thoughts

Remember, as with any purchase, it is essential to do some research before you settle and give away your hard-earned money. After all, what is the point of having something custom-made if it is not high quality?

Do not get yourself involved with a questionable canvas print company that creates low-quality canvas prints. That would be like throwing your hard-earned money away!

With this guide, we can assure you that you will end up with a good and reputable canvas print company here that you would love for all your printing needs!

Why Should Use a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep is quite important. However, without a shredded memory foam pillow, you may not get a good sleep at night. That is because you are turning and always tossing and only to wake up with a neck or sore back. The right pillow ought to support the head and back while being comfortable and soft. In fact, a shredded memory foam pillow is what you need to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Advantages of Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


When choosing a bamboo memory pillow, your concern is comfort. The good thing about these pillows is that they are both supportive and soft. Pillows made from other materials than bamboo are comfortable when they are new but begin to lose shape over time. Fortunately, the memory foam made from bamboo maintains its shape. It does not matter the duration the pillow is used; it is bound to maintain its shape. In fact, it can cradle around the neck comfortably and still remain firm and back up whenever required. That explains why it is a perfect option for side sleepers.


The truth is that finding pillows that are both durable and hypoallergenic is not easy. Shredded memory pillows have a removable cover made of hypoallergenic materials, and it is washable. Some of the materials used to make these pillows include bamboo and rayon. The foam inside the pillows cannot cause allergic reactions. This makes the memory foam a perfect option for everyone. It does not matter how you sleep or use the pillow; you can be assured you cannot suffer from allergic reactions.


Having a comfortable shredded memory foam is not enough; it ought to be durable. You do not want to spend money buying a pillow every few months. When buying a pillow, you ought to consider the time you spend asleep or in bed. The good thing about memory foam is that it is strong and easier to maintain. You can wash it, toss it around, and use it daily without getting damaged. As you know, bamboo is naturally strong, and when combined with the memory foam, you get a pillow that gives you a good night’s sleep.

Machine Washable

You do not want to purchase a pillow that you cannot wash easily. Avoid pillows that do not come with covers as they cannot be dried or washed. Therefore, when they become dirty, you either throw them out or use a dry cleaner. Fortunately, if you have a bamboo foam, you only need to remove the cover and wash it when necessary.

Relieve Stress

After a long day at work, your back and neck are already stressed. Thus, you need adequate support at night. Without the right pillow, you may wake up with a lot of pain in the back and neck. With a memory foam pillow, you can be assured to get adequate support. In this way, the pillow relieves your shoulders and neck from pain. Thus, you can start your day feeling rejuvenated and energetic.

Wi-Fi led dimmer switch: A smart solution

Do you want to save energy and the amount of light being used in your house? Would you be interested in having an automated and smart dimmer switch? Then you have to get your hands on Wi-Fi led dimmer switch. As its name suggests, it is a dimmer switch that enables you to control the lights of your room, living room, bedroom, etc. And hence you can also control the amount of electricity being consumed. It will also allow you to use the electric devices for longer period of time as they will be used efficiently and so, their lifespan will be increased. The product comes with multiple exceptional features which are:

Features of Wi-Fi led dimmer switch

The switch has an internal fuse installed to protect its components just in case if excessive current flows through it. For the user’s safety, the full network of wires is made with the help of its neutral and ground wire. You can also use them in hollow walls without a hum being generated as its technology is based on SCR. It is of white lively color which makes it extremely attractive. You can also operate them through an app wirelessly. The connection between your cellphone and the switch is made through the app using Wi-Fi signals. Just download the relevant app from “Tuya” and control your house’s lights or hotels using your mobile. Some of its other features include:

  • Has a unique and modern design.
  • Can operate at a wide range of voltage (110 volts-250 volts).
  • Has the timer function.
  • Can be operated through virtual smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa, google assistant, etc.
  • Simple installation

Overload protection

Are you worried that installing these switches may cause short circuit and damage your connected devices? Do you have the fear of burning your walls because of over current or high temperature? Well, chill and relax as the switch comes with four overload protections. Those protections are high temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection and short circuit protection. These protections ensure that your devices which are getting electricity from the socket are totally protected and secured. The manufacturing material is fire retardant meaning that the dimmer switch will not catch fire.
Lamp types to use with the switch

The switch can be used with many kinds of lamps. Some of those lamps are

  • Incandescent lamp
  • LED lamp
  • Down Lamps
  • Ceiling Lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Incandescent bulbs

Modernize yourself

Convert your monotonous and old school homes into smart homes by installing a Wi-Fi led dimmer switch. It is a masterpiece of the present days and will offer you to lead the trends of life. Turn your dull looking walls into attractive ones by installing these Incandescent modern switches. They also provide better lighting in the rooms creating a comfortable atmosphere to see things more clearly. Long are the days gone when you have to get up from your bed to switch off the room’s lights. Get this Wi-Fi switch now and see how it brings comfort and reduces those expensive monthly electricity bills.

Beginner’s guide to kitchen fittings

If you love food and cooking, you’re going to be spending a good amount of your time at home in the kitchen. That means you’ll want to have the best and most effective tools in your kitchen to make your experience enjoyable. Fortunately, there are many options of kitchen fittings available to choose from. Unfortunately, there are MANY options for fittings available.

How do you choose Kitchen Fittings?

It may be difficult choosing, especially if you are new to the subject. Knowing what you’re dealing with helps a lot. So we are going to look at a couple of the different options of plumbing fittings that go into your kitchen. That way, you can make a more informed decision when you are designing your kitchen. Let’s start with plumbing fittings.

The plumbing fittings we will be paying attention to would be the kitchen sink and the tap. When considering sinks, there are a lot of characteristics by which you can group them.

How to Group your kitchen Fittings

You can group them based on the material by which they are made. For example, you have stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, and granite composite sinks.

They each have different levels of durability and weight. They also look different and would fit different design themes in different ways. Also, some of them have their placements predetermined by their weight. For example, cast irons sinks can’t be under-mount because they are too heavy to be glued or fastened onto the underside of the counter.

They can also be grouped by placement. Corner sinks, Island sinks, and bar sinks are placed as their names imply. Farmhouse sinks are placed such that they extend slightly over the edge of the counter. Top mount sinks are dropped into the counter such that a rim around the sink lays above the counter. An under-mount sink is installed below the counter. This allows for easy clean up because debris can move seamlessly into the sink without getting caught by the rim of the sink, unlike top mount sinks.

Then you have sinks grouped by form. Here you have double basins, single basins, and single basins with a drainboard.

What you should know about Taps

As for taps, you usually only have to decide what form factor you want to go with your sink because Sink mixer taps are a must. There are faucets with removable spouts; these ones give you the most freedom and functionality.

However, some people question its durability. As is the case with most things though, it should be handled with care. You can choose between industrial style, contemporary and minimalist designs; their differences are simply visual. There are also colored taps. They are an easy way to make your kitchen more vibrant. However, you should tread carefully with bright colors. If you get it wrong, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

The idea here is to find understand the rules and reasons behind each of the fittings, to know when to use them. Once you know this, what comes next is choosing what works for you and fits your style. There are many variations of the many different types of fixtures, so take the time to research them carefully.

Why Are LED Lights regarded to be Superior?

Frameless light panels, specifically LED, are currently popping up across the world. Experts in the industry are not jumping into the bandwagon with the belief that to enjoy the growing advantages of utilizing the LED light panels; their quality must not be compromised. High-quality products manufactured by professionals have served the demands and needs of various businesses of different sizes as well as forms, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such that they can meet their objectives. So what really makes LED panel lights superior?  

LED panel light has a backlight module, driving, coupled with a frame, and lastly, a diffuser. The light has a way of irritating the user’s eyes from the edges of the material while changing the advancing direction following the processing of the light interference and the pattern.

The interfered light often shines out from the plate of the diffuser allowing just a small ray of light into the reflective material for a second reflector. The light shines out as much as it can for illumination purposes.

Other than that, the LED panel light has high energy efficiency and is non-pollution. It also saves about 80 percent of the world’s total energy resources.

LED panel light is green. There are definitely no UV rays in its spectrum, meaning there is no heat or radiation. The green lighting is safer to touch.

LED panel light comes with a long lifespan. Research indicates that the light can last up to 150,000 hours.

Given the continuous development of the technology, the lifespan of a commercially available quality LED lamp could be about 50,000 hours. This is about 60 times longer than the normal fluorescent spotlights.


Everyone wants to follow the current trend in lighting without compromising quality. This is honest when a person believes that trend is one of the trade’s highest-quality materials, especially in deliverability.

With just a turnaround of about seven days, professionals of the LED panel lighting department, based in the US and China, provide customers with top-notch LED light panels tailored to suit user needs.

The V-cut technology used in the manufacture of LED lights is highly patented, thereby creating smooth illuminations without hot spots.

The mounting options galore

LED light panel comes with a frame that eases your mounting task. The holes in it are pre-drilled to user specifications, such that you can rest assured that the tailored LED panel is top-shelf quality.  

Besides, the frame on the product makes it pretty easy to incorporate a light panel in the space.

The snap-frame easily makes changing of the graphics viable. At just about 20mm, selecting the lightbox provides you with the option of the single or double side for better rendering of various colors. That way, the graphics will pop up.  

Final Thoughts  

Most customers use LED light panels like the Edge-lit panels for a variety of applications. LED light panels are an ideal alternative to conventional lighting bulbs. Other benefits of investing in LED include the technology that allows for a rather long life span, which is a viable investment for most users.

5 marble look quartz countertop options

Quartz Countertops

Marble is an incredible natural stone that is among the high sought-after home interior décor materials. While it is attractive, it requires a lot of maintenance to maintain its aesthetics. This is where quartz comes in.

Quartz is engineered and is a good option as an interior décor material due to impressive looks, color variations, and low maintenance. But if you like the best of both worlds and want to fit them all in one space then marble look quartz is the best option.

Here are a few of them that you can install in your home.

Calacatta White Quartz

This beautiful quartz can easily be mistaken for marble because of its elegant veining and rich color. If you want to have a quartz countertop that is bare white with minimal veining, then this is the option for you.

It oozes simplicity and works well in rooms that do not have dramatic visuals. Kitchen countertops, home bar tops will work well with this kind of quartz.

Caldera Quartz

White marble is the most preferred type of marble in many residential homes. However, dark marble look quartz offers a good alternative away from the norm. This quartz is dark brown with intricate white and brown veining.

If you are the type that loves dark colors or you simply want to create a rustic theme in your home, then this quartz should fit perfectly. It is best for use in the kitchen or bathroom with an all-white theme and you want to break the monotony. You can also use it in a kitchen or bathroom that is heavily illuminated by natural lighting.

Carrara Quartz

Are you looking for marble look quartz that is neither uniform nor clinical? Carrara Quartz fits the bill.

If marble veining is not your cup of tea, then you should install Carrara quartz because it has subtle veins. The veins of this quartz are present. However, they have a faded look making it suitable if you are aiming to create contemporary or classic styles.

You can install this quartz anywhere in your home, but its best suited for bathroom vanity tops and backsplashes.

White Attica Quartz

This stunning marble look quartz is among the best and highly sought after in the market. It brings simplicity, boldness, and exuberance all in one package.

It is an all-white marble but with a rich web of small interlinking blue-black veins. If your home has a minimalist feel and design, White Attica marble look quartz is the real deal. Moreover, it comes with a polished finish giving it a consistent smooth feel.

Vanilla Noir Quartz

If you like black as a color, then vanilla Noir marble look quartz will suit your taste perfectly.

Generally, black blends with other colors. This quartz is black but with whitish veins spreading intricately on the whole surface.

For kitchen countertops and home bar countertop, this quartz is the best choice you have at your disposal. Likewise, if you have a bright theme, then the blackness of the quartz will help break that monotony.

Looking At The Different Types Of Vanities


We earlier discussed that vanity is a combination of a basin as well as the storage cabinets such as the shelves surrounding it. It can also be defined as a mixture of the bathroom, which essentially holds the sink while providing storage for the items stored within. Over and above, a bathroom vanity set comes with a mirror cabinet mounted at eye level.

Typically, bath vanities need to be durable to be in a position to withstand wear and tear. They also need to be capable of standing different products, including cosmetics, steam, as well as soap, such that no porous surfaces are allowed in the design of bathroom vanities. There are various types of bath vanities and their styles. In this article, we discuss the categories under which they fall.

Wall-mounted Vanities

Identified as the floating vanity wall-mounted vanities are known to be affixed products mounted directly on the wall. The style has been popular on the market because it gives the bathroom a modern, sleek look. The eye-catching pieces look lightweight, leaving a desirable gap between the lower as well as upper space. This makes it easier to clean. A wall-mounted vanity can also be the shelf-type or cabinet-type.

It could also be a combination of the two. When it comes to the shelf type, you may attach a single counter with some space for the sink purposes. You can also go with the option of attaching several counters below the storage cabinets. The wall-mounted cabinet types can be traditional storage units. But, it would be more complex to install. That is why you are highly encouraged to make it instead.

The Shelf Vanity

This is one of the basic types of bathroom vanities. The shelf is rather easy to install. It is relatively cheap too. You only need to acquire a sink coupled with an open shelf beneath it. Typically, the shelf of the vanity is mounted on the floor. Then the top is designed for a workstation and sink.

You will also realize that there is a particular space left for storage. On the other hand, the bottom is usually left as an open space to place your towels and other bathroom products. This vanity type is often mounted near a mirror.

Now that you are familiar with the significant bathroom vanity types, you also need to learn more about the basic height requirements of bathroom vanity. This should be discussed in the next paragraphs.  

The comfortable height of a bathroom vanity is approximately 38’’ tall if it were to match the exact height of a kitchen. The height of the sink, coupled with the countertop, is also heightened for a slightly ergonomically enhanced experience. This comfort height is now the new standard and not just with toilets but with the real vanities too. That is why new bath vanities are raised in order to promote a healthier posture.

Final Thoughts

Your style and preference determine your choice of bathroom vanity. When in the business of decorating a large bathroom, you need to be aware of the different types of vanities. In this blog post, we have shared the critical details.

Six Facts about Nano Kitchen Sink That You Should Know

Nano Kitchen Sink

Are you in the market to search for a new kitchen sink? There’s a lot of options that you can take when it comes to choosing a replacement for your new sink installation. You can go for a drop-in style kitchen sink installation for a traditional look, or go for an undermount kitchen sink installation to get a sleeker and modern aesthetics. However, if you’re looking for something new, taking a look at the Nano Kitchen Sink is worth your while. 

What is a nano kitchen sink? 

Simply put, a Nano kitchen sink is a sink that uses nanotech to get the benefits it has against other types of kitchen sinks. Manufacturers use 304 stainless steel as a lightweight and robust base. Later on, additional layers will be added to improve the performance and functions of the steel. With the use of this technology, nano kitchen sink users have more benefits to enjoy.

Six important things to know about nano kitchen sink

1. The nano kitchen sink is made with high-end technology

Coatings added in a nano kitchen sink are hydrophilic coatings, which means that these materials repel water. These coatings are made with small particles, which are often based on ceramic compounds. Although thin and transparent, there are at least four coatings present in every nano kitchen sink: anti-bacterial layer, anti-corrosion layer, anti-rust layer, and oil-free high-temperature protection. 

2. This high-end tech forms an anti-bacterial coating

The anti-bacterial coating is made with ultra-small particles. This prevents any bacteria from staying on the surface of the sink, making it a more sanitary option. With the sink’s anti-bacterial properties and proper kitchen hygiene, food contamination will unlikely happen.

3. More resistant to scratches and other elements

Nano kitchen sinks will still look brand new even after years of usage. The smooth coating is more resistant to scratches compared to other sink materials present in the market right now. Because these sinks were built to be highly durable, you don’t have to worry about getting it replaced for at least a couple of years. 

4. Waterproof, easier to clean

Since one of the coating layers make the surface waterproof and oil-proof, nano kitchen sinks are arguably the easiest sinks to clean. Nano kitchen sinks are stain-resistant, just a damp cloth is enough to make these sinks shining again. No cleaning agents are required to disinfect the surface because of its anti-bacterial properties.

5. Easier and more affordable to maintain

You don’t have to clean the sinks regularly compared to other products in the market. Having a nano kitchen sink can reduce your cleaning expenses and reduce your cleaning time. It’s a viable option if you’re considering one for your workstation kitchen. 

6. Nano kitchen sinks are getting more affordable

And last but not least, nano kitchen sinks are getting more and more affordable. Manufacturers are getting more and more efficient in mass-producing these products, albeit its nanotechnology. Although a nano kitchen sink set usually consists of two bowls, there are single bowl kitchen sink offerings that make it cheaper and space-efficient. 

Advantages Of Quartz Over Other Forms Of Countertop Materials


The interior design industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the globe. The kitchen is an essential part of the house. Therefore, when considering interior design for your home, you have to pay keen attention to the kitchen. The kitchen countertop is an essential area that is subjected to interior design. There are various types of kitchen countertops, depending on the material. Some of the most used materials are granite and concrete. Recently Quartz has increased in popularity when it comes to manufacturing countertops. For example, Malaysia quartz stone that is used in the manufacturer of quartz countertops.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

  • Ease of Maintenance

Items that are made out of Quartz countertops included are effortless to maintain. This is because quartz countertops are specially designed to foster easy maintenance. The surface, unlike other types of countertops, does not need wax and other forms of coating because it features a very smooth surface that is easy to clean. You can wither simply wipe the countertop or use water. The nonporous nature of the surface is the primary determinant of easy maintenance because it allows you to use water as a cleaner. The material is also resistant to heat, rust, and corrosion. Therefore, it is durable.

  • Sturdiness

One of the main characteristics of Quartz is that it is hard. It is one of the hardest gems in existence, though not as hard a diamond. Countertops and other items that are made from Quartz all benefit from this feature. Countertops are even more durable because they are made from a combination of the natural mineral and polymer resin. The process through which the countertops are manufactured also enhances the sturdiness.

  • Water absorption

Another significant benefit of a quartz countertop is the fact that the mineral is not porous. The term porous refers to the degree in which a material can absorb water and other liquids. Thus, most natural stones absorb water; however, quarts are entirely nonporous. This means that a countertop made from Quartz is not prone to cracks and holes through which water can sip. This also means that the objects made from the stone are not to water-related damages like chipping and rotting. The process through which it is manufactured also helps to ensure that not even the slightest amount of water can sip through the stone.

  • Uniformity and attractiveness

Quartz is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The patterns vary depending on the type of Quartz. Each of these types of Quartz can be used in the manufacture of countertops. Because the patterns and colors are formed naturally, this means that issues such as manufacturing faults that may influence the patterns can be avoided. Therefore, you can have uniform patterns and colors all through your kitchen and the entire house. You also cannot deny the fact that Quartz is one of the most beautiful natural minerals in the globe.

Bottom Line

The benefits of Quartz make it suitable for the manufacture of several other products. Such products include jewelry and vases, to name a few. Depending on your need, feel free to contact any decorated quarts product manufacturer, they might make you that product you need.

How to correctly replace or install a new bathtub


Installing a bathtub is a hard task that, in most cases, cannot be done by an amateur. It, therefore advisable that you get a professional to do the job on your behalf. Perhaps the most challenging bit of installing a bathtub is constructing the plumbing system. The plumbing system allows for water to get in and out of the tub. Other elements of the plumbing system include connecting the water source to the heater for hot water. In case you have had your plumbing system put in place by a professional, it may be easier to install the tub itself. In this article, bathtubs Sydney provides you insight on how to install or replace a bathtub in your bathroom.

The process of installing a bathtub

  • The first step to fixing a tub or replacing an old one for a new one is to turn off the main water line. You have first to locate the mainline and make sure that it is turned off all the way. Having done that, make sure that your tub is drained completely.
  •  In case it is a replacement job, the next step would be to remove the old tub. While removing the bath, you have to make sure that you also remove the tiles or drywall surrounding the tub. The point of this is to gain access to the plumbing system that usually is beneath the bathtub. In most cases, you may need to cut a hole through the wall or the floor to get to the plumbing line.
  • Once the old tub is removed, the next step would be to take measurements of the area. The measures will help you determine the right size of the tub to install. You can either choose to install a bathtub with the same measurements as the old one or a larger one.
  • When deciding on the replacement bathtub, you have to make sure that all the necessary accessories accompany it. Some of these accessories include faucets, water handles, and drains. There are different drains to choose from as well as drain covers.
  • Once you have the tub of your choice, place it in the area you want in installed to ensure that it fits. The drain hole located at the bottom of the tub needs to directly line up with the P-tap on the floor or the wall underneath the tub. Connect the faucets to the water supply lines using the right tools.
  • The next step on the list would be to install the cement or the tiles or any other surround material of your choice to hold the bathtubs in place. Once this is done, attach the water drain to the tub. Connecting the overflow to the main pipe would also come in handy at this point.

Bottom Line

The process of setting the bathtub in place and securing it as well as the surround is exact. There are specific tools for use and a step by step procedure to follow. It is, therefore, a wise decision to get a guide or an instruction manual to help during the process.