Looking At The Different Types Of Vanities


We earlier discussed that vanity is a combination of a basin as well as the storage cabinets such as the shelves surrounding it. It can also be defined as a mixture of the bathroom, which essentially holds the sink while providing storage for the items stored within. Over and above, a bathroom vanity set comes with a mirror cabinet mounted at eye level.

Typically, bath vanities need to be durable to be in a position to withstand wear and tear. They also need to be capable of standing different products, including cosmetics, steam, as well as soap, such that no porous surfaces are allowed in the design of bathroom vanities. There are various types of bath vanities and their styles. In this article, we discuss the categories under which they fall.

Wall-mounted Vanities

Identified as the floating vanity wall-mounted vanities are known to be affixed products mounted directly on the wall. The style has been popular on the market because it gives the bathroom a modern, sleek look. The eye-catching pieces look lightweight, leaving a desirable gap between the lower as well as upper space. This makes it easier to clean. A wall-mounted vanity can also be the shelf-type or cabinet-type.

It could also be a combination of the two. When it comes to the shelf type, you may attach a single counter with some space for the sink purposes. You can also go with the option of attaching several counters below the storage cabinets. The wall-mounted cabinet types can be traditional storage units. But, it would be more complex to install. That is why you are highly encouraged to make it instead.

The Shelf Vanity

This is one of the basic types of bathroom vanities. The shelf is rather easy to install. It is relatively cheap too. You only need to acquire a sink coupled with an open shelf beneath it. Typically, the shelf of the vanity is mounted on the floor. Then the top is designed for a workstation and sink.

You will also realize that there is a particular space left for storage. On the other hand, the bottom is usually left as an open space to place your towels and other bathroom products. This vanity type is often mounted near a mirror.

Now that you are familiar with the significant bathroom vanity types, you also need to learn more about the basic height requirements of bathroom vanity. This should be discussed in the next paragraphs.  

The comfortable height of a bathroom vanity is approximately 38’’ tall if it were to match the exact height of a kitchen. The height of the sink, coupled with the countertop, is also heightened for a slightly ergonomically enhanced experience. This comfort height is now the new standard and not just with toilets but with the real vanities too. That is why new bath vanities are raised in order to promote a healthier posture.

Final Thoughts

Your style and preference determine your choice of bathroom vanity. When in the business of decorating a large bathroom, you need to be aware of the different types of vanities. In this blog post, we have shared the critical details.

Six Facts about Nano Kitchen Sink That You Should Know

Nano Kitchen Sink

Are you in the market to search for a new kitchen sink? There’s a lot of options that you can take when it comes to choosing a replacement for your new sink installation. You can go for a drop-in style kitchen sink installation for a traditional look, or go for an undermount kitchen sink installation to get a sleeker and modern aesthetics. However, if you’re looking for something new, taking a look at the Nano Kitchen Sink is worth your while. 

What is a nano kitchen sink? 

Simply put, a Nano kitchen sink is a sink that uses nanotech to get the benefits it has against other types of kitchen sinks. Manufacturers use 304 stainless steel as a lightweight and robust base. Later on, additional layers will be added to improve the performance and functions of the steel. With the use of this technology, nano kitchen sink users have more benefits to enjoy.

Six important things to know about nano kitchen sink

1. The nano kitchen sink is made with high-end technology

Coatings added in a nano kitchen sink are hydrophilic coatings, which means that these materials repel water. These coatings are made with small particles, which are often based on ceramic compounds. Although thin and transparent, there are at least four coatings present in every nano kitchen sink: anti-bacterial layer, anti-corrosion layer, anti-rust layer, and oil-free high-temperature protection. 

2. This high-end tech forms an anti-bacterial coating

The anti-bacterial coating is made with ultra-small particles. This prevents any bacteria from staying on the surface of the sink, making it a more sanitary option. With the sink’s anti-bacterial properties and proper kitchen hygiene, food contamination will unlikely happen.

3. More resistant to scratches and other elements

Nano kitchen sinks will still look brand new even after years of usage. The smooth coating is more resistant to scratches compared to other sink materials present in the market right now. Because these sinks were built to be highly durable, you don’t have to worry about getting it replaced for at least a couple of years. 

4. Waterproof, easier to clean

Since one of the coating layers make the surface waterproof and oil-proof, nano kitchen sinks are arguably the easiest sinks to clean. Nano kitchen sinks are stain-resistant, just a damp cloth is enough to make these sinks shining again. No cleaning agents are required to disinfect the surface because of its anti-bacterial properties.

5. Easier and more affordable to maintain

You don’t have to clean the sinks regularly compared to other products in the market. Having a nano kitchen sink can reduce your cleaning expenses and reduce your cleaning time. It’s a viable option if you’re considering one for your workstation kitchen. 

6. Nano kitchen sinks are getting more affordable

And last but not least, nano kitchen sinks are getting more and more affordable. Manufacturers are getting more and more efficient in mass-producing these products, albeit its nanotechnology. Although a nano kitchen sink set usually consists of two bowls, there are single bowl kitchen sink offerings that make it cheaper and space-efficient. 

Advantages Of Quartz Over Other Forms Of Countertop Materials


The interior design industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the globe. The kitchen is an essential part of the house. Therefore, when considering interior design for your home, you have to pay keen attention to the kitchen. The kitchen countertop is an essential area that is subjected to interior design. There are various types of kitchen countertops, depending on the material. Some of the most used materials are granite and concrete. Recently Quartz has increased in popularity when it comes to manufacturing countertops. For example, Malaysia quartz stone that is used in the manufacturer of quartz countertops.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

  • Ease of Maintenance

Items that are made out of Quartz countertops included are effortless to maintain. This is because quartz countertops are specially designed to foster easy maintenance. The surface, unlike other types of countertops, does not need wax and other forms of coating because it features a very smooth surface that is easy to clean. You can wither simply wipe the countertop or use water. The nonporous nature of the surface is the primary determinant of easy maintenance because it allows you to use water as a cleaner. The material is also resistant to heat, rust, and corrosion. Therefore, it is durable.

  • Sturdiness

One of the main characteristics of Quartz is that it is hard. It is one of the hardest gems in existence, though not as hard a diamond. Countertops and other items that are made from Quartz all benefit from this feature. Countertops are even more durable because they are made from a combination of the natural mineral and polymer resin. The process through which the countertops are manufactured also enhances the sturdiness.

  • Water absorption

Another significant benefit of a quartz countertop is the fact that the mineral is not porous. The term porous refers to the degree in which a material can absorb water and other liquids. Thus, most natural stones absorb water; however, quarts are entirely nonporous. This means that a countertop made from Quartz is not prone to cracks and holes through which water can sip. This also means that the objects made from the stone are not to water-related damages like chipping and rotting. The process through which it is manufactured also helps to ensure that not even the slightest amount of water can sip through the stone.

  • Uniformity and attractiveness

Quartz is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The patterns vary depending on the type of Quartz. Each of these types of Quartz can be used in the manufacture of countertops. Because the patterns and colors are formed naturally, this means that issues such as manufacturing faults that may influence the patterns can be avoided. Therefore, you can have uniform patterns and colors all through your kitchen and the entire house. You also cannot deny the fact that Quartz is one of the most beautiful natural minerals in the globe.

Bottom Line

The benefits of Quartz make it suitable for the manufacture of several other products. Such products include jewelry and vases, to name a few. Depending on your need, feel free to contact any decorated quarts product manufacturer, they might make you that product you need.

How to correctly replace or install a new bathtub


Installing a bathtub is a hard task that, in most cases, cannot be done by an amateur. It, therefore advisable that you get a professional to do the job on your behalf. Perhaps the most challenging bit of installing a bathtub is constructing the plumbing system. The plumbing system allows for water to get in and out of the tub. Other elements of the plumbing system include connecting the water source to the heater for hot water. In case you have had your plumbing system put in place by a professional, it may be easier to install the tub itself. In this article, bathtubs Sydney provides you insight on how to install or replace a bathtub in your bathroom.

The process of installing a bathtub

  • The first step to fixing a tub or replacing an old one for a new one is to turn off the main water line. You have first to locate the mainline and make sure that it is turned off all the way. Having done that, make sure that your tub is drained completely.
  •  In case it is a replacement job, the next step would be to remove the old tub. While removing the bath, you have to make sure that you also remove the tiles or drywall surrounding the tub. The point of this is to gain access to the plumbing system that usually is beneath the bathtub. In most cases, you may need to cut a hole through the wall or the floor to get to the plumbing line.
  • Once the old tub is removed, the next step would be to take measurements of the area. The measures will help you determine the right size of the tub to install. You can either choose to install a bathtub with the same measurements as the old one or a larger one.
  • When deciding on the replacement bathtub, you have to make sure that all the necessary accessories accompany it. Some of these accessories include faucets, water handles, and drains. There are different drains to choose from as well as drain covers.
  • Once you have the tub of your choice, place it in the area you want in installed to ensure that it fits. The drain hole located at the bottom of the tub needs to directly line up with the P-tap on the floor or the wall underneath the tub. Connect the faucets to the water supply lines using the right tools.
  • The next step on the list would be to install the cement or the tiles or any other surround material of your choice to hold the bathtubs in place. Once this is done, attach the water drain to the tub. Connecting the overflow to the main pipe would also come in handy at this point.

Bottom Line

The process of setting the bathtub in place and securing it as well as the surround is exact. There are specific tools for use and a step by step procedure to follow. It is, therefore, a wise decision to get a guide or an instruction manual to help during the process.

What to Consider When Buying a Bathtub


So, you are checking the market out for a new bathroom bathtub. Before you hit the physical stores and browse through online shops, you have to do some planning first. There are numerous factors that you should consider before making your choice on what bathtub to buy. Here is a list of things that you should consider when buying a bathtub.

  • What size do you want?

Bathtubs come in different sizes to accommodate small and large bathrooms. The size of your bathtub must be based on the space that you have available. If you feel that your old bathtub was too small, you may want to consider getting an upsize. If you think that your bathtub took too much space in your bathroom, then you can downsize to a more compact bathtub. The standard bathtubs usually are about 32 inches wide and 60 inches long.

  • What shape do you want?

Comfort is your number one standard when it comes to determining the right bathtub shape. You have to choose a shape with a slope that fits your needs. More modern styles usually have round and oval shapes. The traditional bathtub shapes are rectangular. Before you choose a different bathtub style from the one that you already have, consider if the installation will need plumbing changes which will be an additional cost on your part.

  • Can your floor handle your bathtub?

You should not only consider how your bathtub looks but also how much your bathtub weighs. If you are getting a heavier bathtub, you might need new structural supports so your bathroom floor can handle it. Has your bathroom inspected first if you are not so sure about how much weight your floor can handle? A professional inspection can also help you measure out the ideal bathtub size for your bathroom as well.

  • How high and deep should your tub be?

One of the things you should consider is the height of the tub relative to the floor. You can save space with an inset tub and it is very easy to step in to. However, if you want bathtub surrounds too, an elevated bathtub is still the best choice. Just make sure that you have enough structural support when it comes to installing your bathtub, especially if your new tub is bigger, heavier, and more elaborate.

  • What is your bathtub made of?

What do you want your bathtub to be made of? There are a number of materials available in the market. Choosing your material beforehand will help you know how much you need for your bathtub. The common bathtubs are usually made out of fiberglass or acrylic. They are also the most lightweight. Sturdier and heavier materials involve stone, concrete, and other metals.

  • How does your bathtub look?

The material of your bathtub’s inner surface does not necessarily have to be the same as is finishing. Think about how you want the outside of your bathtub to look like. You can place tiles around the front of your tiles or place your tub in a wooden frame enclosure. Just remember to use a sealant so that your finishing will not absorb the water. This will help it last longer.

  • Does your faucets and fixtures match?

Getting a new bathtub also gives you a chance to get new faucets, drains, knobs, and other fixtures. Choose fixtures that will complement your new tub. Lately, brushed metal fixtures are very popular because it can cleverly disguise water stains.

  • Do you need to move your pipes and drain?

Pipe and drain placement is a very important thing that most homeowners overlook when choosing a new bathtub. IT helps to get a bathtub that fits the old pipe and drain setup that you have. Otherwise, you will have to move them around which is a more expensive process (plus it may not even be possible, depending on your bathroom space).

  • How do you soak?

Of course, the main advantage of getting a bathtub is to do luxurious soaks. Soaking can take a while and it has its rituals. You will need space for your bath salts, oils, soaps, candles, and if you want music, your speakers. You also would want everything you need to be in reach so that you do not have to get up from the tub from time to time when you need something. You have to consider if you want a bathtub that gives you space for all these or do you prefer to just add tile shelves on the wall.

  • Safety

Hundreds of people slip and fall on their bathtubs every year. This can lead to serious injuries. You can avoid this from happening to you by making sure that your bathtub is accessible and safe. Get bathtubs that have handrails that you can grip on. You can also get a bathtub with a non-slick bottom feature so that you can avoid slips while getting in the tub or walking on it.

Methods For Choosing A Professional Bathroom Renovating Company


Your bathroom is one of the areas in your home that looks small. However, it is also one of the most important rooms. For that reason, you need to ensure that it provides you with maximum comfort every time you visit it to take a shower. To achieve that, you should continuously renovate or retouch it. This would not be possible without the contribution of a reliable remodeling company. The employees at that firm should use impeccable bathroom vanity. But, you also need to know what to look at when selecting a company. Here’s how to choose a professional bathroom remodeling company.

  1. You Need To Ask For Referrals

Most business professionals retain their clients by providing impeccable services. When it comes to checking out companies that offer services in bathroom renovations, you should look at some of the best. Consider discussing this with your friends and family. Ask if they have used the services of such a company before. That way, you shall be in a position to determine the quality of services you are likely to receive.

     2. Check Out Online Reviews

Now that you are confident of the type of project you are delving into, you should also check out the firm’s online reviews. Usually, in the world of service delivery, whether you intend to purchase a laptop or have a product delivered to your home, online reviews play a role in your choice. Consider checking the site of the firm for some of the comments left behind by clients. Are these positive or negative comments? That should determine your choice to hire a renovating firm.

      3. A Look At The Credentials Of The Renovation Company

Now that you have recommendations in hand, you should make some follow up. This can be achieved by conducting preliminary research regarding whether or not the prospective contractor for your bathroom is qualified based on the required client demands and expectations you have. Find out if the company has a team of professionals with the required licenses to procure bathroom renovation services. Is the firm permitted to operate in the state? These are some of the questions you also need to raise to the company when interviewing the staff.

   4. Interview The Management

There are sneaky ways to interview a company. However, you can always ask the management to schedule you in for an interactive session with the employees. These are the individuals who will be in charge of your bathroom renovation project. Therefore, you need to have a face-to-face conversation with them. Care to ask if they are well-versed with the services you need them to deliver. You also need to keep in mind that their resumes need to be scrutinized before they take up the job.


Bathroom renovations are costly and pretty involving. Therefore, you also need to be familiar with the methods of hiring a professional service provider just as outlined in this article.

Stylish Kitchen with Retro Chick Look Design and Pink Color Selection

Kitchen design for mother or girl daughter that love stylish thing, and retro design. Provide with pink color selection, that make this kitchen chick look. This retro chick look kitchen, has all think inside colored with uniform cotton candy shade of pink. Even the household. Bialetti espresso maker, oven mitts and salad tongs, stove, ’60s-era General Electric fridge all of this appliance, colored with pink retro color. Awesome kitchen design, with creative and tough color selection, to make an own stylish kitchen design, that will surprise all of your guest of their at this Stylish Kitchen with Retro Chick Look Design and Pink Color Selection.

Stylish Kitchen with Retro Chick Look Design and Pink Color Selection

Decoration at Stylish Kitchen with Retro Chick Look Design and Pink Color Selection

aplliance Stylish Kitchen with Retro Chick Look Design and Pink Color Selection

Contemporary Violet French Style Kitchen Design

A luxury and modern kitchen, with contemporary and french style design. This french kitchen was colored in violet and white combination, to make an elegant situation at the kitchen. This violet kitchen was designed by French company Mobapla. This violet and white color selection was unusual, the designer want a unique but stylish kitchen. It impresses by delicate combination of sleek white and violet elements which make it look very contemporary. What a nice color combination. Cylindrical cooker hood was very stylish decision and it can add amazing touch to this violet french style kitchen.

Elegant Contemporary Violet French Style Kitchen Design

luxury Contemporary Violet French Style Kitchen Design

Contemporary Violet French Style Kitchen Design

Contemporary Violet French Style Kitchen Design

Contemporary Italian Kitchen Designs: Style and Originality

Kitchen interior design from Ernestomeda interiors. The main colors are black, gray, white and brown, which are pleasantly combined in the creation of modern design. to manage plants and other decorative elements integrated beautifully into the landscape. Check them out and let us know what you think. Would you rather colorful kitchen designs to more “serious” interiors, including the following?

Natural High Gloss Kitchen Design Ideas

One again a natural design for your home. Now here is a laminate kitchen design from Arrital. Natural design with contemporary decorating ideas. Built with luxury kitchen cabinets. The wooden finishing made this kitchen design more natural. The glass wall, made the sunshine can enter to this kitchen. The glossy color and stainless steel touch, make this kitchen design looks clean and comfortable.